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Session Chair, “The Print in the Codex ca. 1500 to 1900”

109th Annual Conference, College Art Association, online

Bibliographical Society of America sponsored session, College Art Association Annual Conference: prerecorded presentations (accessible during conference); live, online discussion (10 February, noon-12:30 pm). This session considers books transformed through the incorporation of independently printed images. The session focuses on the production and reception of such books between the late fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. These books…

Presentation, “Re-imagining a Jewish Past: Jewish Architecture and Historical Scholarship in 19th-Century Central Europe”

12.13.20 - 12.17.20
52nd Annual Conference, Association for Jewish Studies, online

This paper analyzes Jewish historic revival architecture to better understand the popular presentation of Jewish history in all its culturally situated complexity.   Session: History Writing and Its Popular Reception in Jewish Communities of 19th-Century Central Europe.    

Session Chair, “Historic Libraries and the Historiography of Art (II)”

02.12.20 - 02.15.20
108th Annual Conference, College Art Association, Hilton Chicago

Historic libraries are coming into their own as resources for interpreting intellectual history. Analyzing those libraries that have informed art historians, art critics and their public has opened new paths for exploring art historiography. Whether book and manuscript collections survive intact, perhaps in their original locations, or are known only through bibliographies or inventories, they…

Session Chair, “Historic Libraries and the Early Historiography of Art”

107th Annual Conference, College Art Association, New York Hilton Midtown

Historic libraries offer underutilized resources for understanding art history. This session explores the potential of such collections – whether intended explicitly for the study of art or not – to deepen and broaden our interpretation of art historiography and its relationship to social, intellectual and geopolitical currents.