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Presentation, “Leopoldo Cicognara’s Catalago ragionato as a Database for Digital Visualizations”

Public Forum, The Digital Cicognara Library, American University of Rome

In 1821 Leopoldo Cicognara published a bibliography that still stands as a milestone in the history of art librarianship: it records a key collection assembled shortly before the establishment of art history as an academic discipline. Conceptualized as a database, his Catalago ragionato provides a basis for digital visualizations that offer fresh insights, because they…

Presentation, “Ludwig I’s Renovations of Speyer Cathedral and the Bavarian Geopolitical Imaginary”

09.26.13 - 09.27.13
Symposium, “Der Dom zu Speyer, 3,” Speyer Cathedral

Presentation, “Revisiting Josef Strzygowski’s Debt to German Romantic Cultural Geography”

03.29.12 - 03.31.12
International Conference on Josef Strzygowski, Bielsko-Biala

Presentation, “Franz Kugler’s Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte: A Prussian View of Civilization and Its Others in 1842”

02.22.12 - 02.25.12
100th annual College Art Association Conference, Los Angeles Convention Center